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Product Briefing

Rhino Laces are built for the toughest jobs on the planet. They are 8 times stronger than steel by weight, maintain excellent dimensional stability in extreme hot or cold environments, have exceedingly low creep and very high fatigue resistance when compared to normal boot laces or paracord, have high resistance to breakdown from abrasion, acids, bases, flames, organic solvents, and salt water.

Rhino Laces utilize a para-aramid fiber core covered with a blended sheathing for even more protection and come in many colors and sizes to fit you and your boots perfectly.

Lifetime Guarantee

You can trust that your Rhino Laces will not fail, ever. We are so confident in the quality of our laces that we give you a lifetime guarantee with every pair. If you manage to cook them on the surface of the sun, blow them off your boots in a nuclear blast, liquify them in a vat of acid, or damage them some other way, then send what's left of them back and we'll ship you a new pair for free.


We always recommend measuring your existing bootlaces for a perfect fit. Every brand is different and it's very difficult to guess which size will fit based on the number of eyelets.

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