How does the lifetime guarantee work?

If you manage to break, cut, or burn through your laces, while they are on your boots and during your normal work operations, then we will replace them absolutely free. Just send us your original order number, a picture of the broken laces, and tell us how the hell you broke them and we'll ship you new ones.


How do the sizes run?

We highly recommend measuring your existing boot laces to get a perfect fit. Every boot manufacturer is different, and counting the number of eyelets doesn't always work. If your existing laces fall between two of our lengths, we recommend going with the longer size so that you definitely have enough left to tie them.



Will these fit through the eyelets on my boots?

Our aglets are 3.8mm thick at the widest point of the lace and typically fit all of the biggest brands of boots that are out there. If your new Rhino Laces don't fit your boots, just let us know within 30 days of purchase.


How strong are Rhino Laces?

They are 8 times stronger than steel by weight, maintain excellent dimensional stability in extreme hot or cold environments, have exceedingly low creep and very high fatigue resistance when compared to normal boot laces or paracord, have high resistance to breakdown from abrasion, acids, bases, flames, organic solvents, and salt water.

Rhino Laces utilize a para-aramid fiber core covered with a blended sheathing for even more protection and come in many colors and sizes to fit you and your boots perfectly.